Welcome!  Please enjoy the semi-intelligent ramblings of an IT guy trying to make some sense of the Cloud.  I’ll attempt to post interesting (to me) tidbits about some of the things I’m working on currently, and maybe share some of the resources I find helpful in the day-to-day.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, free food, etc.

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This is the homepage of John Harbin (Me!), a going-on-20 year (?!) survivor of the IT field where I’ve held roles ranging from technical support to system admin to, most recently, Cloud Architect.

All opinions here are my own and are not necessarily representative of my employer.


AWS Certification Journey: Solutions Architect Associate

This time last year, I was counting down the last few days until I was to sit my first AWS certification exam, the Solutions Architect Associate. Starting in October of 2018 I’d decided that this would be the course I’d take next and began working toward skilling myself up in all things AWS. There is …

Book Recommendation: Terraform Up & Running

Quick book recommendation: Pick up Terraform: Up & Running when you get a chance. Great tool to add to your Cloud toolbelt for automating provisioning and adding on Infrastructure as Code. I will post a more in-depth “review” when I’m done, but now half-way through and I’m already definitely finding it useful.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  Contact info is below.